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Jonas Lauren Norr studied psychology for about 10 years, and he still enjoys learning new things. As a teenager, he was fascinated by how our brains worked and wanted to understand the human mind better. So when he got into college, he decided to study psychology; and this was one of his favorite subjects. After graduating from college, the first thing he did was enroll in a PhD program in clinical psychology. While working on a Masters degree, Jonas Lauren Norr had a chance to intern with some psychologists researching the effects of stress on children. This allowed him to directly apply what he learned in school to a real-life scenario.

Jonas Lauren Norr currently works for two startups: Gravity Ranch and Crypto Lotus. Crypto Lotus is a blockchain technology company based out of San Francisco that provides real estate crowdfunding. We are building a decentralized marketplace that allows real estate buyers and sellers to transact through smart contracts using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Jonas Lauren Norr was also the founding partner of Qoo Energy, where we built our first solar energy system for the city of Los Angeles. My history working with startups includes founding my own company, Nexcentrica Capital Partners. I was responsible for raising capital for early-stage entrepreneurs such as QMobile and Blockchain Technologies.

The MOU between Crest and Ethos Real Assets is a groundbreaking move in the industry and will allow them to focus on technology development. In contrast, Ethos focuses on investing in real assets across the globe. This will enable Crest to partner with some of the best technologists in the world, helping develop new technologies and allowing them to work closely with the largest international funders, institutions, and governments around the globe.

We are pleased to announce Greg Norr has been appointed a director of Crest Communications Inc., effective January 25, 2017. He also held a seat on our board before his appointment. Greg brings extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, having founded two successful businesses. With over 20 years of wireless industry experience, he was instrumental in building one of Canada’s largest wireless carriers, Rogers Wireless, where he was president and the chief executive officer from 2000 to 2004. From 2009 to 2014, Greg was CEO of Ethos Real Assets, a publicly-traded company involved in the wireless spectrum market. In February 2015, Greg joined us as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy.

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