Dickeys BBQ: Success Despite A Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected all types of businesses, but none quite as much as the restaurant industry. Many businesses were not able to survive the challenges brought on by COVID-19. According to the National Restaurant Association, a whopping 110,000 restaurants and bars closed either temporarily, or permanently in 2020. The industry’s sales fell by $240 billion. However, there have been many restaurant owners who have been able to think creatively and succeed regardless of the pandemic.

In an article entitled, “After 80 Years In Dallas, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Is Still Smokin’”; Roland Dickey Jr talked about how the company continues to bring authentic flavor to its fans globally and authentic support to its community locally, by effectively combining innovation with tradition.

An example of this is Dickey’s BBQ franchise. Dickeys BBQ Franchise has proven that it was not only possible to survive the pandemic, but that it’s possible to thrive in spite of it. In January 2021, Dickey’s online sales revenue was greater than pre-pandemic levels by more than 200 percent.

Buying online and picking up in-store, and curbside pickup has become the future and saving grace of the food industry. Dickey’s launched an eCommerce site a month into the pandemic, as a way to continue serving customers safely. Delivery apps have also played a vital role in maintaining many restaurants’ customer bases. Dickey’s BBQ decided to deliver via their own business rather than any third-party companies.

In order to create a better and more modern working environment, Dickeys BBQ has been working toward modernizing its processes for years. The franchise developed a system called “Smoke Stack” that collects data from sale systems, promotions, surveys, and loyalty programs to offer real-time feedback. Restaurants must be open in being flexible through these unprecedented times.

Dickeys Franchise Guarantee is an American-owned BBQ restaurant chain based in Dallas, Texas. Since opening its doors in 1941, it has become the largest BBQ franchise in the US. In 2012, the franchise was named the “Fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country”.

It was also included on Fast Casuals’ list of “Top 100 Movers and Shakers: Restaurants” in May 2014. The restaurant serves pork ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, spicy sausage, chicken, and hotlink. Read this article for more information.


Visit their page on https://franchise.dickeys.com/, for more information.