Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Shares Entrepreneurship Advice

The SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer has an impeccable record for the last nine years he has been heading one of the most successful MLB teams. He assumed the CEO position in 2012, and in the following three years, the team won two out of the three World Series Championships.

In addition to this, the team has attracted a record number of fans to its games during the nine years. Baer joined the Giants management in 1992 after he led a group of investors in purchasing a controlling stake at the team. The SF Giants CEO’s rise to the top has been magnificent, and during a recent interview, he went on and shared entrepreneurship advice.

How to successfully bring ideas to life

The Giants CEO pointed out that many entrepreneurs chose to bring their business ideas to life by writing proposals and engaging in other formalities. He mentioned that although this method might work, it still falls short of ensuring that the business idea is exploited to its full potential. He revealed that in his experience, an entrepreneur should get fully involved in the process of bring their business idea to life and involve other professionals for brainstorming. Larry Baer stated that he prefers doing in-person office meetings or phone calls with his team when trying to bring an idea to life to come up with exceptional implementation strategies.

About Larry Baer

The SF Giants CEO has received numerous awards and recognitions for his leadership undertakings throughout his business career. He oversaw the construction of the Giants’ Oracle Park Stadium, which was named among the “best ballparks ever built” by sports industry experts. It was also named the Facility of the Year in 2008 by Sports Business Journal.

Additionally, Larry Baer received the Excellence in Leadership Award in 2019 from the University of California Baseball Park Foundation. The San Francisco Giants CEO undertook his undergraduate degree at the University of California. Click here for more information.


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