Life Lessons From Greg Blatt

Success and passion towards a certain field are two interconnected aspects. It is commonly known that passion towards a career drive one to effectively achieve professionalism till the end. Greg Blatt is a fierce believer in the necessity of being passionate through one’s professional career journey. This is what has eventually shaped his career to being the CEO and leader of IAC and Tinder. Here are some highlights of his career path.

Early History

Born of professional working parents, Greg Blatt was rightly motivated to make his own career path. Greg Blatt is a free-spirit, like-minded fellow who believes in exploration as the path to discover one’s passion. Therefore, he set out on exploring different locations with the aim of finding out his passion. He took on various jobs that enabled him to meet his financial needs. This is what led him to discover his passion for law.

Law School

This led him to apply and later on become accepted into Columbia University Law School. Greg Blatt was fascinated by the implementation of reason into case settlements and in the solving of cases. He was drawn into doing corporate law and intently worked on his degree to completion. After completion, he worked at Wachtell Lipton firm as an associate, which he was able to transition effectively from Massachusetts. His efficient work enabled him to rise in ranks within the firm.

Entertainment Law

Greg worked to fuse passion with professional success by venturing into entertainment law. Through his intuitive thinking sense, he realized that entertainment was his calling. Greg joined Martha Stewart’s firm as General Counsel. His role enabled him to learn and gain more skills within the entertainment law field. This encouraged him to join IAC as its Executive Vice President, where he grew and expanded in various ways.

Greg Blatt saw an opportunity presented by online dating and worked on the idea to form Match Group. He focused on implementing creative skills on the Match Group and enabled it to become a success. Greg Blatt has been instrumental in the overall growth of IAC and its subsidiary Match Group. Visit this page for additional information.


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