About Jonas Lauren Norr

Jonas Lauren Norr studied psychology for about 10 years, and he still enjoys learning new things. As a teenager, he was fascinated by how our brains worked and wanted to understand the human mind better. So when he got into college, he decided to study psychology; and this was one of his favorite subjects. After graduating from college, the first […]

Sudhir Choudhrie Surviving Heart Issues

It may not be easy to replicate a successful entrepreneur’s life and use it to build an individual’s success. However, certain values can be picked up and used as a tool for achieving great success. Many successful entrepreneurs have unique stories of how their journey was significant in their becoming. Sudhir Choudhrie’s story has become an inspiration to many, as […]

Philip Belamant Wants to See Change in the Buy Now Pay Later Industry

The Buy Now Pay Later industry has been operating and evolving at a steady pace throughout the world but needs to get over its current stodginess to better compete in the market. What is Buy Now Pay LATER? An online growth strategy offers consumers a range of new, innovative products with their purchase decisions. This popular decision-making platform allows consumers […]

Hauser Insurance Discusses AI Trends in Insurance

Artificial intelligence is changing the insurance industry faster than most companies are prepared for. It’s not just about new technologies like blockchain and digital insurance. It’s also about the pace of change. Other industries and businesses are already adopting AI so quickly that it’s almost impossible for them to be reined in. The insurance industry is no different. We’re already […]

Liu Qiangdong Covid Relief

As a leading global manufacturer of conveyor belts, Jd Corporate Blog (JDCB) has a long-standing history of supporting the community in Jd’s home market of China and regions worldwide. A company that values the importance of giving back to the community is not only a good corporate citizen but also promotes a healthier and more productive workforce. In honor of […]

Mentor: Joseph Ashford, A Businessman, and Owner of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is an entrepreneur based in Bournemouth and the founder of K4 Global, a company that specializes in digital marketing. He has helped many businesses grow their audience, reach their target market, and generate more leads. Joseph’s business experience consists of over seven years of work with three different companies. He also founded The Butterfly Foundation, which supports […]

Why Hauser Private Equity Is Among the Best Private Equity Firm Across The US

Inc Magazine, an international media brand company, has recently allocated time to appreciate, recognize and honor some of the most successful private equity and venture capital firms, such as Hauser Private Equity, a co-investor firm led by Mark Hauser. For over a decade, Hauser Private Equity has become the leading private equity fund manager across the US. It has several […]

 Gary McGaghey Recap

Gary McGagey has extensive experience in the corporate world, having worked in the pharmaceutical, media, and IT industries. Gary McGaghey has been a part of the senior management teams at several companies. In his previous job, he served as the interim CEO of Robertson’s Foods and was the permanent CFO of Unilever South Africa. Gary McGaghey also holds a Master […]