Desiree Perez Announces New Courses for Music School

Desiree Perez has recently announced that new courses will start at the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment. Desiree Perez is the CEO of this school, which is about giving education to those interested in pursuing a career in either music, sports, or Entertainment. Now, there are going to be new courses coming this fall. The new school was announced last year in August. The idea is to offer serious support to those interested in this field. The commitment to this idea includes a 25 percent scholarship to everyone in the incoming freshman class.

That way, some underprivileged students will have the same kinds of opportunities that other people have who are less disadvantaged. The Fall 2021 semester is going to get new courses from the Wieden + Kennedy Ad Agency. This agency has won awards and is a global agency. Students enrolled in these courses will learn about possibilities for getting into creative careers like marketing and advertising. Some of these courses include a marketing course for marketing to urban areas, and a class called “How to Be a Good Troublemaker” as well as one about “Nothing is an accident.”

These courses are for helping students think about traditional creativity work as well as creating impact, which is different. Teachers will help make it easier for students to find careers in the creative world. Wieden Kennedy was actually behind the Just Do It campaign from Nike that is one of the most popular campaigns of all time. They’ve also helped with brands like KFC, Ford, Coke, and more. Desiree Perez is excited about the possibilities for helping students get into creative careers through these classes and the influences from the school in general. It could be a major force for letting children who normally would be limited in their options find new ideas.

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