How Haroldo Jacobovicz Used His Passion for Transforming the Digital Sector


Before HaroldoJacobovicz became a telecommunications guru, he had worked in several companies that helped him gain the expertise. He spent seven years in military training and almost five years studying civil engineering. While studying for the two courses, he developed a passion for computer science but opted to complete his education. He later provided software and hardware services in different organizations where he worked as the head of those departments.

From 2010, Haroldo worked as a telecommunications specialist but later started offering cloud communications services in Curitiba. HaroldoJacobovicz always admired his parents since he was young. That prompted him to become a civil engineer just like them. While working in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Jacobovicz supplied his customers with the latest technologies in the market.

Moreover, since he loves reading newspaper and magazine articles, he always looked for some that would equip him with the current affairs in the industry. He used the knowledge acquired from the articles to improve his career and provide better services to customers. Haroldo believes that people succeed through lack. However, he understands the need to utilize one’s talents and hard work to make it in life.

While still at the university, Mr. Jacobovicz formed Microsystem with the help of three of his friends. The company trained others on automating their stock and cash flow control. Unfortunately, it ceased operating after a short period. That madeHaroldoJacobovicz seek employment at Esso company which supplies oil in diverse American cities. Initially, he worked as the company’s salesman before becoming its market analyst. He later worked for several other firms handling different tasks.

Through the experience he got while working in Curitiba over the years, Haroldo felt confident enough to open a technology company. That was when he established Horizon Telecom in 2010. The company is one of the best telecommunications specialists in Brazil. Ten years after, he opened Datacenter, which is a branch of Horizon Telecom. HaroldoJacobovicz provides cloud communications services in Brazil through his successful companies. He looks forward to transforming the digital industry using the expertise and skills acquired through the years.

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