IM Academy: Investment Education Made Easy

IM Academy is an online provider of educational services that makes learning about Forex trading easy. They offer their students a mix of live interactive content and pre-recorded information.

The company was founded in 2013. The founders, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, wanted to provide training who wanted to get the skills to trade without help. There are over 225,000 subscribers who are benefiting from the services offered by the IM Academy.

IM Academy offers their clients two types of products to help enforce their training. One product is education modules called academies; the academies are video modules containing information relating to Forex trading. They broke them down into four distinct categories. The academies are FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. At the end of each learning module, there is a quiz. Students must pass each one before moving on to the next lesson. Students can download all information to keep for reference at a later date.

The second product type is interactive live sessions with a Forex expert that correspond with the digital learning modules. Students gain hands-on experience under the direction of an expert. IM Academy held the sessions at different times and days so students from all over the world may take part. Students with current subscriptions have unlimited access to the Academy experts.

There are what the Academy calls add-ons that students can purchase besides their regular subscription. Students should complete all the basic modules before jumping into the more specialized classes. The add-ons are more specialized educational modules. Students can dive deeper and become specialized in an area of interest.

The Academy does not provide any investment advice. They do not make any broker recommendations to students, nor do they offer brokers any student information. Refer to this page, for related information.


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