Juan Monteverde Interview as NYC Attorney

Recently, there was an interview with an attorney from NYC who is named Juan Monteverde. Mr. Monteverde is not only an attorney but also a founder and Managing Partner from the Monteverde and Associates PC.

His company focuses on national class action suits about investors and consumers. The firm he heads is often representing shareholders where they have suffered some kind of financial damage due to something a corporation did that was completely misleading or even fraudulent due to their shady advertisement practices.

Mr. Monteverde has even led his company to cases that went all the way up to the Supreme Court in the U.S. Other cases within his purview have included mergers for example, where shareholders were interested in getting the most out of them.


During the Interview, Mr. Monteverde was asked about how he got started. He talked about how he had worked for firms and within the category of mergers for ten years. He was also asked how he makes money.

Monteverde responded to this by pointing out that he only makes money if he gets an outcome that has positive results for his shareholders. Upon being asked about whether he ever doubted himself when starting, Mr, Omnteverde responded that you really can’t doubt at all. You can’t always guarantee the result you want, but you have to be positive about what you’re doing.

You need to always do everything you can to get a positive result for your clients, even if that’s not what happens, so doubt shouldn’t factor into it.

Mr. Monteverde responded to a question about his first customer by saying that his firm tends to get clients through targeted marketing, which is how he got his first. He pointed out that this approach wasn’t in fashion way back when, but that’s how he’s always done it. Go Here for related Information.