Alejandro Betancourt Has Been Working Using Secretive Business Strategies

Generally, companies tend to communicate the techniques they are using to operate in the competitive business world. This has been a traditional issue that every other company has been seen to demonstrate in its operations. There have never been questions about the various techniques that some smaller businesses have been using as they try to search for some of the […]

Joseph Ashford’s Spotlight Interview: Creator of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a humanitarian and an entrepreneur in London who is famous for founding and owning K4 Global, a unique marketing agency. Joseph Ashford Ellis also established The Butterfly Initiative that anchors kids suffering from EB. Ashford had a tough childhood he lost three relatives in just a short while, but these challenges have altered his character such […]

Juan Monteverde Interview as NYC Attorney

Recently, there was an interview with an attorney from NYC who is named Juan Monteverde. Mr. Monteverde is not only an attorney but also a founder and Managing Partner from the Monteverde and Associates PC. His company focuses on national class action suits about investors and consumers. The firm he heads is often representing shareholders where they have suffered some […]

Wild Swings

Some publicly traded values can swing astronomically in one direction or the other in the course of a single day granting gigantic gains or huge loses depending on the level of investment. Knowing when, and why to hold is an invaluable knowledge base!