Parents Review Classroom Management App ClassDojo

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo helps schools create a virtual, safe space for students and parents to communicate. Teachers can remotely monitor each student’s progress in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection through Dojo classes digital classroom management tool that tracks behaviors like turning homework in on time or participating during class discussions—no matter where you are!

Teachers can give or take away points from their pupils using a computer, tablet, or smartphone throughout the day. Teachers may display each student’s points on a smartboard and generate reports to send home to parents.

Dojo classes has revealed that two million teachers and thirty million students worldwide, including one out of three U.S. classrooms, are adopting its product.


While I’ve yet to use ClassDojo as a parent, I can see how it may help. Ideally, ClassDojo can enhance the feedback loop between students, instructors, and parents.

Dojo classes enable instructors to collect more information about individual kids and provide feedback almost immediately by providing a fast, convenient method for them to make notes as they occur. Teachers don’t have to stop the lesson to address bad behavior; rather, they may remove points simply to modify poor conduct and praise desirable ones.


I have several issues with ClassDojo as a parent that I’d want to see addressed if they were utilized in my child’s classroom.

First and foremost, I am seeking more information on Dojo classes policies and privacy than the dense legal jargon on their website provides.

Second, I’m concerned that showcasing points to a whole class of youngsters may be traumatic for particularly sensitive children.

Many people may use Dojo classes products in a variety of ways, such as with non-personalized avatars and no points shown.

In addition to other tools, I want Dojo as one of the teacher’s classroom management systems. It should complement these with talks on challenging behaviors and praise for excellent conduct in individual conversations or small group discussions

In conclusion:

I’m a parent who wants his or her children’s teachers to have the tools they need to do their jobs as effectively as possible. As one of many tools, I appreciate ClassDojo because it has the potential to enhance social and emotional learning in students.